The Maltings & Willow Brook


Why a Neighbourhood Plan will be good for King’s Cliffe

Long-term housing projections

1) North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment allows for 111 houses to be built in King’s Cliffe during the period 2016-2021, and 127 more after 2021. These are not (yet) confirmed in the Local Plan, but there is always the possibility.


2) More certain, and imminent, is that there will be more houses built near Daleswood Drive on land owned by East Northamptonshire [District] Council, and up to 50 on the old Middle School site (owned by Northamptonshire County Council).


There may not be so much we can do about the 2nd group but, unless we want King’s Cliffe to expand this much in the coming years, our Neighbourhood Plan could significantly limit, or even avoid, the increase in the 1st group, or at least ensure that houses are where we want them and in a style that is acceptable to the local residents.


Individual house planning applications

We would have more control with a Neighbourhood Plan, than now, over approving or rejecting these, as well as ensuring that the style of change was in keeping with the village, and with criteria which local people set.

On a more positive note, we can determine the type, number and location of houses that we need and want in the village for local people and their families. We can also decide on areas for business, shops, recreational facilities, etc.


Protection of Green Spaces

In keeping with the strong desire of residents, as shown in the Village Plan, to keep our green spaces we would be able to designate areas, and views, that can be protected against development.


We would also have more control over developments which might be proposed within the Parish boundary.



At present we have no legal basis to fight any applications of which we disapprove; we have to rely on the District Council. A Neighbourhood Plan would give us that legal back-up.


With the Neighbourhood Plan we would be more in control of setting the future direction of the village.


The Neighbourhood Plan would enable the Parish Council to be more proactive  – as shown by the way the Village Plan is stimulating positive change (e.g. broadband, village website, dog fouling, surgery).


The Neighbourhood Plan has to be drawn up after consultation with local people, and taking into account the results of that consultation. It then has to be approved by local people in a referendum. The future direction of the village would be, therefore, more firmly in the hands of those who live here.