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Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Below are links to documents connected with the Neighbourhood Plan, including the final "Made" version. Following the result of the referendum, in which 451 villagers voted (38% of the electorate) - 400 for, and 51 against - the Neighbourhood Plan became law on Monday 14th January 2019. Many thanks to all those who participated in the process.

Final "Made" Version

  King's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan


Submission Draft Consultation

  Consultation Comments - Comments received (redacted).

  Initial Examiner's Comments

  Response to Examiner

Submission Draft

  Submission Draft - The submitted version of the Plan

Consultation Statement

(Details of the consultation that has gone into the making of the Plan)

  Consultation Statement


  Consultation Statement Appendix A: Kings Cliffe Village Plan 2014

  Consultation Statement Appendix E: Kings Cliffe Village Survey

  Consultation Statement Appendix I: Proposed sites for development

    KCNP1 - Land Adjacent ot Blatherwyke Road, King's Cliffe

    KCNP2 - Land Off Orchard Lane, King's Cliffe

    KCNP3 - Land Off Church Walk, King's Cliffe

    KCNP4 - Land East Of Orchard Lane, King's Cliffe

    KCNP5 - Segmentation Of Garden & Erection Of Dwelling, King's Cliffe

    Proposal Map Showing Locations

  Consultation Statement Appendix M: Consultation Draft V6

  Consultation Statement Appendix P: Kings Cliffe Housing Needs Survey Analysis Report Aug 2018


Basic Conditions Statement

(To ensure that the Plan fits with legislation)


  Basic Conditions Statement

  Basic Conditions Statement Appendix E: Environmental Impact Assessment

  Basic Conditions Statement Appendix E: Habitat Regulations Assessment

  Basic Conditions Statement Appendix E: Strategic Environmental Assessment

Evidence Base

   Evidence Base - List of sources used in making the Plan