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King's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan is "MADE"

Following the result of the referendum, in which 451 villagers voted (38% of the electorate) - 400 for, and 51 against - the Neighbourhood Plan became law on Monday 14th October 2019. Many thanks to all those who participated in the process.

The Neighbourhood Plan

(in brief)

  • It’s a plan specifically for King’s Cliffe, rather than the whole district, so it deals with issues relevant to us.

  • The Planning Authority will have to show that it is abiding by it in any decisions affecting the village.

  • It is a result of 4+ years consultation with the community.

  • It has allocated the western half of the old Middle School site for a new surgery, and assisted living homes, both affordable and market. If approved, the Plan will prevent the landowner selling off this land to the highest bidder for whatever purpose.

  • It has allocated vacant land off Daleswood Rise for homes specifically aimed at younger singles and families to make up for the shortfall of this type of housing in the village.

  • It has allocated land at Kingsmead for business and office units, to enable local people to work from the village. This is to encourage employment and small businesses.

  • It restricts any medium or large-scale developments in or around the village other than the above. (It has already been used by the District Council to turn down a large development on the edge of the village along Blatherwycke Road).

  • It allows for small-scale ‘infill’ development within the village.

  • It demands access to high-speed broadband in any new development in the village.

  • It has compiled a list of Protected Green Spaces  which are free from development.

  • It has compiled a list of Favourite Views (chosen through consultation) which cannot be marred by future development.

  • It demands proper drainage and water run-off in all new developments, to avoid flooding.

  • It insists on any new development fitting in with the surrounding buildings, to maintain the historical character of the village.

  • All new developments should consider impacts on road, pedestrian and cycling safety.

  • Bicycle parking should be available in all new developments to encourage alternative transport use.

  • It gives protection for named village amenities and facilities.

  • Developments must show that they are delivering a net gain in biodiversity, to protect the wonderful environment of the village.

  • Rights of Way, in and around the village, should be enhanced rather than marred by any new development.

  • Finally, without the Plan, any decisions affecting the village will be taken by Councillors who may know nothing of our situation. This Plan will show them what we want.

The Vision..

is this how you see it?

“King’s Cliffe in 2035 will retain its distinctive character as a beautiful, rural, tranquil village. Any changes will have been designed to enhance this character and add to the quality of life of its inhabitants. It will have gone some way towards becoming more self-sustaining in terms of energy and services, and will be in a position to enable its residents to remain in the village for the whole of their lives.”

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development of an area, allowing the community to influence change.

Neighbourhood Plans provide legal backup to control local issues such as housing, transport, green spaces, parking & amenities.

The plan given here shows estimated timings for the various stages required before any Neighbourhood Plan for Kings Cliffe can be adopted.

My Favourite View

Results of Your Vote!